Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Crossover

Status: 1st Edition, previously published on Channillo; 2nd Edition, forthcoming from Cosmic Egg Books, March 1st, 2020. Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my author shop

Awards: Best Fantasy Series, Best Paranormal Series in 2017 Channillo Awards

Novel Description:

When the elfin princess, Atalanta, is snatched from her palace and a vampire crashes a ball at the human castle, all of Arcamira is on high alert.

To uphold their alliance with the elves and to satisfy their desire for adventure, the young human royals, Andromeda, Felicity, Michael, and Andrew, set out with a search party to find Atalanta.

The young warriors quickly find themselves facing down a monster unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. The vampires and werewolves they thought were nearly extinct are rising up under the banner of Tyrannus, a hybrid of the two fearsome species. He’s raising an army in a campaign to rid Arcamira of humans and elves, and it’s up to the young royals and the friends they meet along the way to stop him.


Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Status: 1st Edition, Ebook Only, Now Available on Amazon or in my author shop

Short Story Description:

The Spellcaster Prince is dead—slain and humiliated by an undocumented beast. Princess Atalanta is now next in line for the crown of Alatreon, but she’s only fifteen, which is a blink in the lifespan of an elf. And she’s rubbish at magic. Perhaps she can’t live up to her brother’s name, but maybe … just maybe … she can avenge it.

Her brother was the one to title her the Phoenix. Now, with him gone, she must use her inner flame to illuminate the truth of the Spellcaster Prince’s demise … without burning herself to ash in the process.

Whether you’ve read Arcamira or are looking to dip your toes into this fantastical land for the first time, Atalanta’s origin short story is made to delight.